Minsterley & District Eisteddfod


Welcome to the 56th Minsterley and District Eisteddfod.

We live in an age where technology does
everything for us, many seem to permanently walk around glued to phones and
communicating with each other about what is going on in each other’s lives. Our
social time is driven by what is on TV each night and we are again drawn to
social media channels to chat about this and that. 

There are less and less opportunities especially for young
people to do anything outside school , sometimes because of modern day
pressures but sometimes because we are seeing a reduction in the number of ‘Community
Volunteers’ willing to take on the challenges (which are many) of running youth


Here at Minsterley Eisteddfod we have a growing committee of
young volunteers who are passionate about providing something of value for
young and old alike. Hundreds of volunteer hours go in to making each year a

Why do we do it? We do it because it encourages all
competitors to practise and improve in their chosen art to a point where they
have the courage to get up and compete on a big stage in front of an audience
and qualified professionals who are there only to help that competitor improve
still further. 

We do it because over the years we have seen children
compete from an early age and with the support we like to give them they have
come back time and again. We have seen them grow and improve to a point where
many go on to exciting artistic careers and some have even come back and
performed for us professionally at our annual concerts.

We are proud that we can do something that provides an
alternative escape for all competitors faced with the choice ═┤do I play on my
lap top tonight or shall I nail this performance once and for all?

Thank you for coming and enjoy your day.

Jill Blyth

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Welcome to the 56th Minsterley Eisteddfod