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Welcome to the 57th Minsterley and District Eisteddfod.

I joined the Eisteddfod committee to contribute something to my local
community.  Little did I know how
passionate I would become about staging such an event, considering I am not a
singer or a performer of any kind!  The
Eisteddfod is a fantastic opportunity for young people, in particular, to show
us their talents on a stage - be it singing, speaking or playing an instrument -
with professional adjudication to help them develop their skills further.

part of the committee has given me to opportunity to watch most of the competitions
on the day.  It is a privilege to watch
year after year and see the progress of so many great competitors, especially
the children. One year a shy, timid child will walk onto the stage and perform.
From that experience, they discover a love for stage and they then come back
year upon year with the determination to develop their talent and show off the
skills they have.  So much so that some
past competitors have gone on to University, Stage school or a Conservatoire to
study and gain qualifications towards a career in the Arts.

school curriculum is very focussed upon academic studies, leaving only small
amounts of time in the week for art and music activities. Therefore, events
like Minsterley Eisteddfod are increasingly important as a way to encourage
children to pursue extracurricular activities, and have somewhere to direct
their creativity and showcase their talent.

Minsterley Eisteddfod we are looking to the future to ensure that the
Eisteddfod will be running for many years to come. Therefore we are embracing
modern technology: our web page is open for entities and has lots of
information about the events. The Eisteddfod also now has an active social
media presence, including our ever-growing face book page to keep the interest
in Eisteddfod going all year round.

want this year’s event to be even more successful than previous years and look forward
to welcoming new competitors, seasoned regulars and encouraging audience
members to share in this wonderful celebration of talent.

Caroline Holloway

Our Facebook page: www.facebook.com/minsterleyeisteddfod/



Welcome to the 57th Minsterley Eisteddfod