Minsterley & District Eisteddfod


Welcome to the 55th Minsterley and District Eisteddfod.

Each year, as I turn
over my calendar for the month of March, a smile spreads across my face ...
Eisteddfod Day. Regardless of my delight, it is hardly a surprise; in my
family, preparations for the Eisteddfod are under way from Christmas
time onwards. As soon as the decorations are packed and we have
said goodbye to the festive season, we welcome 'Eisteddfod Season' with
open arms. The Eisteddfod has become part of family tradition, a day of musical
and literary fun that we all look forward to immensely. 

Over the years I have experienced Eisteddfod day from every
angle: as a competitor, trainer and now a committee member. As a young
performer, I could never have imagined the hard work and dedication needed to
stage an event like this and it is all credit to the team of people involved , that
the Eisteddfod continues to evolve and go from strength to strength.  

Each year we witness performers take to the stage after months
of hard work and dedication to showcase their talents - and what an honour it
is to witness their triumphs, their efforts and their enthusiasm for music and
literature. The recurring annual participation of these
performers is perhaps testament to the overwhelming influence of
the Eisteddfod, which year after year, continues to nurture and encourage
individuals to develop their skills and fulfil their potentials.  

With the help of wise words from our highly skilled
adjudicators, we have had the privilege of watching so many young performers
blossom in to young adults, some of whom have continued to pursue their musical
horizons - there is something very special about being a part of
an establishment that plays a significant role in supporting and shaping the lives of young people in such
a positive way. A musician must make music, a poet must make
poetry, a singer must soar through the melody - and what an honour to
be involved in a process that gives people of all ages an opportunity to put
their passion in to practice.  

I extend a warm welcome to all who attend this year’s Eisteddfod
in whatever role and thank-you for your continued support.

Lesley Holder


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Welcome to the 55th Minsterley Eisteddfod